Myths of Creativity

You’ll never compete with the natural-born creatives, your ideas are unoriginal, your work is never as good as you imagined, your ideas usually aren’t that good, and you don’t look like any of the other creatives. All of these might be true, but does that mean you aren’t creative?

This website catalogues some misconceptions about creative thinking. You won’t find shortcuts, quick tips, or easy fixes — only truths so that you can put in the hard work needed to become a better maker of things – if you’re up for the challenge.

60% of the CEOs in an IBM poll cited creativity as the most important leadership quality.
According to the World Economic Forum, creativity is, or is related to, 9 of the top 10 skills that global executives say is essential for 2020 and beyond.
The Centre for Creative Economy reported that creative industries boast faster job growth and slower job loss than other sectors.
94% of managers say it's important to consider creativity when hiring a job candidate (Adobe, 2014).
Recruiters rank creative problem solving as the 2nd most difficult skill to find among job applicants (Bloomberg).
So creative thinking is vital for people doing the hiring, difficult to find, crucial for the future of work, and boosts job security.
Creatives are born creative
Creativity is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more effective it becomes.
Creativity is about making new things out of nothing
Creativity is about combining existing things in novel and meaningful ways.
Perfection is a realistic target
Perfectionism is the enemy of done.
Creative people come up with more good ideas than bad ideas
Good ideas are buried under layers of many bad ideas.
Creativity is sexy
The creative process is messy, hard work, frustrating, and thrives on failure and experimentation. 
Your creativity sucks

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Bonus Myths

We'll get into these some other time

MYTH #006

Creativity is mainly about making things pretty

MYTH #007

The creative process is neat and elegant

MYTH #008

Constraints are an enemy of creativity

MYTH #009

Clichés are to be avoided

MYTH #010

Ideas come directly from the brain

MYTH #011

Good ideas are obviously good from the beginning

MYTH #012

Ideas happen in a flash

MYTH #013

Creativity isn't profitable

MYTH #014

Discomfort is bad for creativity

MYTH #015

Creativity happens in isolation

MYTH #016

Boredom, procrastination and day-dreaming are a waste of time

MYTH #017

Obscurity is a bad thing

MYTH #018

Anxiety and insecurities are negative traits for a creative

MYTH #019

The quality of your work is good enough to guarantee success

MYTH #020

There is one right answer

MYTH #021

Creative people are more intelligent than other people

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