It all began...

It goes back to a time when my partner and I were browsing through a popular stationery store. That moment was the culmination of many years of pondering.

Being stationery fiends, we naturally gravitated towards the notebooks. As we were browsing we felt less and less inspired.

We started talking and before long realised where our mutual feelings came from:







hand drawn pattern

Affordable products are usually badly made, ugly, and frustrating to use.

They also don't speak anything of the human that made the product or the person that ends up using it.

They lack meaning or any kind of story.

They seldom satisfy the basic human needs for emotional connection and self-expression.

This leaves the frugal and the non-wealthy with few options.

Most of what we see around us is mass-manufactured in an anonymous factory on some distant continent by some faceless corporation.


This means that the money we spend on these products vanishes off-shore and contributes to someone else's community.


Not local. Not lekker.

This segues me into the final point: the environment, our home.


Shipping products across the globe accounts for unspeakable damage to the world we share.


Not to mention the environmentally and socially destructive production processes.

Sad story. Gloom.

Heads hanging, we began to ask ourselves:

Can beautiful, well-made products be affordable, meaningful, personal, environmentally sensitive, and contribute directly to a thriving local economy? This is the question that Satori was born from.


We felt that the humble notebook would be the perfect place to start. Because fresh ideas are the seeds of a brighter future, and a notebook is the perfect place to nurture your world-changing ideas.