18 South African Zines

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Zines are independently published magazines that were originally used by marginalised humans as a platform to share and explore their perspectives directly with the people that cared — without gatekeepers. You can read more about that here.

Digital printing has made it easier than ever to make a zine. This has led to self-publishing becoming a fast emerging form of self-expression among creatives in South Africa.

We hunted for SA's best and made a list of the local zines that remind us of the importance of well-designed, tangible products in a world full of disposable digital content.

Art & Illustration Zines

These zines use concept driven visuals to interrogate socio-political issues, focusing on how we interact with the cultural environment around us — featuring a diverse range of local wave-making artists and illustrators.

Fashion & Culture Zines

The pages of these zines are dedicated to documenting South Africa's rich cultural undercurrents.


Zines are becoming a highly impactful, meaningful form of independent self-expression that breaks away from the constant stream of digital content.

They're also a way to showcase something you really care about in a format that people actually want to hold on to, gift to a friend, stash on their bookshelf, and enjoy during a quiet Saturday morning.

Independence is serious business at Satori Notebook Co. : our printing is done by an independent printer, our products are stocked by independent retailers, and our binding thread is sourced from a local company.


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