Papersnap spreads optimism with custom notebooks

People aren't going out very much these days. This makes it easy for them to forget about your brand. One way to avoid being forgotten is to post enough content online to always float to the top of their feed. Another way would be to flood the sky with your logo using a fleet of branded blimps. We can't help you with the online stuff, or the blimps. But we can help you create a lasting connection that distinguishes your brand using something people will want to keep.

Papersnap, a Joburg based indie retailer, recently worked with us to create a range of custom notebooks for their store. The result was a distinct retail product that helps their brand cut through the noise – and something their customers will hold on to for as long as notebooks last. But you should probably still go with the blimps.

What we did

  • Custom printed covers

  • Blank off-white inner pages

  • Blue stitch binding


Printed by WetINK

Binding by Satori Notebook Co.


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