Pretoria's Future Africa Gives International Delegates a Taste of Local Craft

This month's featured project is the lekker-local conference notepads we made for Future Africa. The University of Pretoria's Future Africa Campus provides a space for African leaders and scientists to begin to address uniquely African challenges. These notepads were handed out to conference attendees year-round; welcoming them to the Capital City with a hand-crafted memento.

The cover was digitally printed 216gsm Desert Storm paper that cradles a folio of blank 80gsm white bond paper.

Our books sometimes find a purpose beyond what we could have imagined, and transdisciplinary scientific discourse for Africa is hopefully just the beginning.

What we did

  • Custom Printed Cover

  • Orange Stitch-Binding

  • Custom Size + Flip-top format

Printed by Wet Ink Pretoria

Binding by Satori Notebook Co.

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Handmade in Pretoria Central, South Africa