How TEDxPretoria Gave Attendees a Vibrant Place to Explore Ideas

This month's featured project is the custom notebooks we made for 2019's TEDxPretoria conference. The notebooks were gifts for the attendees of the TEDx event in Pretoria last November. The event is one of the more notable we catered for in 2019 and granted us extra freedom to explore a range of print techniques.

The cover was printed with a UV varnish and spot colour to add a gloss accent to the matt Malmero Slate, and cradled a folio of TEDx's signature-red paper.

In the spirit of "ideas worth sharing", each notebook was intended for use during and after the event. The inside of the notebook was also kitted out with the programme for the day, digitally printed on sun bond, to help the attendees get their bearings on they day, and have a memento of the day for later.

What we did

  • Custom Printed Cover

  • Spot UV Finish

  • Red Inner Pages

  • Custom Printed Inner Pages

  • Red Stitch-Binding

  • Corner Rounding


Cover Printed by Zero Plus

Inners Printed by Wet Ink Pretoria

Binding & Finishing by Satori Notebook Co.


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