Jungle Jim Zine #27

Secrets! Sabotage! Mermaids! Facebook! Has Zivanai's Facebook page been hacked, or has the freedom fighter really been returned from the dead to plot a Zimbabwean revolution? Find out inside this special edition of Jungle Jim, along with Madagascan mermaids, brain-hacking in Hillbrow and a sky-high assassination attempt above Abuja!


Jungle Jim is an illustrated pulp-literary magazine, showcasing imagination-driven, genre- inspired stories by African writers. Taking from the pulp fiction tradition, it publishes short and serialised storytelling that entertains in dramatic genres (from sci-fi to romance, crime and fantasy), accessible to all, but with a high quality of writing and design. Established in 2011 in Cape Town by designer Hannes Bernard and filmmaker Jenna Bass, the magazine is now distributed internationally in print and digital formats, promoting new writing and pictures from across the African continent and Diaspora.

Jungle Jim Zine #27

  • Single zine

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Handmade in Pretoria Central, South Africa